Terms of License

General provisions

  • The following provisions specify the license terms granted to the Licensee by the Licensor, including the use of proprietary copyrights to Photos made to the Licensee as part of the services commissioned to the Licensor based on the Order.

Legals definitions

  • Licensor - "photographic.pl Andrzej Paszkowski", photo service provider and website administrator of photographic.pl, with its registered office in Józefów (05-420), Owalna 35. photographic.pl, z siedzibą w Józefowie (05-420), ul. Owalna 35.
  • Licensee - a client using the photo services of the Licensor.
  • Order - an order for photographic services of a specific product, including shooting and post-production, made by the Licensee using the tools available on the website or via e-mail.
  • Photo - the product (picture) which was created by the Licensor as a result of an Order submitted by the Licensee.

Licensor's statements

  • The Licensor declares that:

    – has copyright to Photos,

    – the use of Photos by the Licensee in accordance with these License Terms will not infringe upon the rights of third parties, including rights arising from the protection of personal data,

    – in the case of Photos on which the image of third parties has been recorded - has the consent of these people to use their image to the extent specified in these Terms.

  • In the event of claims against the Licensee by third parties for violation of the copyright to Photography or rights to the image or rights arising from the protection of personal data in connection with the Licensee's use of Photography in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement, the Licensor undertakes to provide the Licensee with all assistance.

The scope of the license

  • The Licensor grants the Licensee a non-exclusive, perpetual right to use the proprietary copyrights to Photographs, without territorial restrictions, in the following fields of use:

    – recording and reproduction of Photographs – production of copies of the work using a specific technique, including printing, reprographic, magnetic recording and digital techniques,

    – placing on the market of the original or copies,

    – public performance, exhibition, display, playback, broadcasting and rebroadcasting, as well as making the work publicly available in such a way that everyone can have access to it at the place and time of their choice.

  • This license includes the right of the Licensee to entrust the recording or reproduction of the Photographs.

  • This license does not include Licensee's right to grant further exclusive licenses. The Licensee may acquire such rights for an additional fee, after agreeing with the Licensor.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, the Parties confirm that the Licensee is not entitled to interfere with the content of the Photograph.

Withdrawal of the license

  • The Licensor has the right to withdraw the license in the event of using the Photograph exceeding the scope of the license granted by the Licensee or by entities to which the Licensee has granted a further license. The parties reserve that in such a case the remuneration collected by the Licensor is not refundable.
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