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Our services

Absolutely not, you don't need to be located near Warsaw, or even in Poland. Most of our clients work with us remotely. Just send us your products to photograph, there are couriers! If you want, we will order pickup of your products! However, if you want to visit us, call us to arrange a meeting, we would like to meet you in person!

Yes, we offer photo sessions with models and models. If the project involves the use of models, we will have to adjust the project schedule to the availability of people with whom we work, which may extend the order completion time by several days.

While we don’t offer free trial or sample photos, we maintain an extensive photography portfolio for you to view before deciding to book.

Before placing your first order

The quick answer is "as much as possible". Before sending out a contract, there’s a number of things we need to know:

  • the exact number of shots you're ordering,
  • description of your product (s),
  • are there any group shots,
  • how you would like them shot. Knowing the angles, product placement, shot straight on, at an angle, etc is critical to ensuring that the photos we take will fit your vision,
  • transparency, silhouette, clipping path to cut out the product from the background to create transparency,
  • drop shadow, cast shadow, reflection,
  • final image format, if you are not sure, ask us, we can guide you.

Without that information, we execute our ’best judgment’ for photos and creative direction, but there’s always a chance that a product will either be photographed incorrectly or the results may not fit what you had in mind.

You can call and discuss your project during standard business hours but the best way to obtain the most accurate quotation though is via the email form on our Contact us page. By having all of the information about your project in front of us, in writing, it allows us the time and space to draw up a more accurate, more detailed quotation.

Shipping your products for photography

We definitely prefer you not to do this. "Mysterious" packages without order numbers cause a mess and confusion. They are put on the shelf in the hope that the owner will be found.

We are flexible! Our basic price list includes prices for items that can be photographed in our studio. However, it is possible, after prior cost agreement, to rent a larger studio or photograph the product at the customer's (if available). Contact us to arrange the details.

After you submit the order, you will receive an offer with instructions on where to send your items along with the offer / order number to be placed on the package. Carefully pack all the items you need to photograph and send them to us via courier.

Pay special attention to the products being shipped; make sure the product is in excellent condition and there are no defects that would make taking photos difficult.

After confirming the order, send us your items to the address:


ul. Owalna 35

05-420 Józefów

Order number (insert in comments)

Your items will be sent back immediately after the end of the entire project (after sharing photos with you and not raising objections for 3 business days). You can order a courier yourself and send us an electronic label, or we can arrange a delivery (we will charge you with delivery costs). We agree on the method of sending the items back at the stage of order preparation.

You definitely can, but only after the order has been approved. Remember to make an appointment first, just call or send an email to schedule the pickup time for your products. We are waiting for you!

Providing art directions, branding and styling for your photos

If you know exactly how you want to arrange and place your items on the set, tell us. If not, we will agree on it together. If we gain access to your corporate identity, we will include it accordingly. We can use additional props, rent appropriate interiors, use outdoor photos ... Please inform us before ordering, as this will affect the project costs.

Our goal is to provide high quality services and customer satisfaction. You will be able to follow each step of the process and accept or reject shots that do not meet your expectations.


We charge by each photo separately. For example if you want 3 product photos of the same item photographed from 3 different angles you will be charged for 3 photos.

Our rates decrease with the size of the order, because it is more efficient for us to shoot one large project than to shoot several smaller projects. For this reason, each project is priced separately based on the size of each order. Multiple small orders do not equal to volume discount pricing. However, we care about constant cooperation with the client, that's why we offer attractive discounts for longer cooperation.

We offers lucrative quantity based discounts on larger product photography orders, but as a general rule we do not offer additional discounts, as it would not be fair to our other clients. When building a long term relationship with a new client, the first project always sets the stage for successive projects. The value for potential future work does not exist until we have completed at least one project and should never be used as a bargaining chip to negotiate a lower rate.

If the first project goes well and has great communication, then the next project likely will as well. If the first project is steeply discounted, then the next project will probably have to be discounted as well. We then end up charging all of our clients different amounts, which doesn't seem very fair to our other clients, especially considering that many of them have been with us for years.

Besides, you can always take advantage of our quantity based discounts by placing a larger product photography order!

Turnaround time and file delivery of final pictures

The order processing time begins for us when the products are received in our studio. We have three modes of order processing:

  • standard - 5 business days or less
  • express - 2 business days or less
  • super express - 24h (by appointment).

If the session requires the participation of models, the lead time may be extended by several days.

For new customers or large series of products, we reserve the right to send a sample of photos for customer approval before we process the entire order. Thanks to this, we will be sure that we will meet your expectations.

As soon as we finish post-production process, we will provide you with photo samples for acceptance (in low resolution and with a watermark). After approval and payment (you'll receive pro-forma invoice), we will provide you with full resolution photos (on the Dropbox server). You will be able to download them to your computer or share them with anyone who will need your photos. 

You will pay for the photos after reviewing and accepting photo samples. Payments should be made by bank transfer to the account specified in the pro-forma invoice. You can also use quick online payments available by clicking the button on the pro-forma invoice .

Standard product photos are delivered in the following formats:

  • standard JPEG file: 3000px on the long side, 72dpi resolution
  • TIFF high resolution file: 3000px on the long side, 300dpi resolution
  • Transparent PNG: 3000px on the long side, 72dpi resolution

Depending on the shape of the product, excess background can be cropped, leaving the longest dimension at least 3000 pixels (while the second dimension is cropped to match the shape of the subject).

We can also prepare smaller files that will load faster on the website . Just let us know what file parameters are needed for your project, we can deliver files based on your specific needs.

Our process, change orders, high volume orders

The most common answer is 'yes'. We are flexible, we adapt to the specific requirements of our clients and try to meet their expectations. We are not afraid of challenges and experiments, photography is our passion. We are aware that the ordered photos will be part of your and your brand's image, so we implement all photographic projects - from the smallest to the largest - with dedication and dedication.

The standard process of preparing products for photos includes minor cleaning and simple assembly and is included in the price per photo. If you have a product that requires extensive installation, let us know so that we can prepare a detailed calculation.

Our base prices for our product photography include basic retouching. We will perform minor editing, colour correcting, and retouch any distinct defects. If your product requires additional time, we will contact you to approve the extra cost. We will provide you with a cost estimate.

In photography there are a million ways to create an image of the same product. We want to help bring your vision to life and have set up a processes to make that happen. Please send us as much information as possible to convey the style of images you envision for your products. You can send sample pictures, sketches, tear sheets, written descriptions, web link URL's ... anything to convey your art direction.

We try to avoid reshoots by ensuring that we have good creative direction from all of our clients before we begin work, but if we discover that we've made a mistake interpreting your direction (if we photograph a product backwards / upside down / inside out ), then we will gladly reshoot your product according to your specification at no charge to you. Along with our apologies, of course!

On the other hand, if you decide after viewing your photos that you like to have a different angle, prop, or other creative change that wasn’t previously discussed, then we would charge you a reduced rate for additional photos.

Z drugiej strony, jeśli po obejrzeniu zdjęć zdecydujesz, że chcesz mieć inny kąt, rekwizyt lub inną kreatywną zmianę, która nie była wcześniej omawiana, wówczas możemy naliczyć Ci dodatkową opłatę za powtórne zdjęcia.

The best way to obtain a quotation is to reach out to us via our contact page and provide as much information as you're able to. If your project involves' sensitive information, you are more than welcome to send over a non-disclosure agreement as well, so that we can discuss the project openly.

We can take as little as 1 or as many as you want of each product. Since we charge per photo you get to decide. If you need help deciding how many photos you need, please contact us and we can help guide you based on your product-type, where you plan to sell, and your budget. We always recommend at least two photos of each product-item. Product Photos help sell your items and having more than 1 photo can help increase your conversion rates and bottom line.

We will host the images for at least 30 days from the date the shots were first made available to you for download. We highly recommend that you make backup copies of all files contained within your account.

Copyright & ownership

Upon final payment and delivery, the photographs become exclusively licensed to you for use on a royalty-free basis. This means you are free to use the photographs in any of your publications as many times as you like, with as wide a distribution as you like, without ever having to pay us royalties for their use. We allow the use of these photos in all forms of media including print advertising, packaging, web, television, etc. We do retain the copyrights for delivered photos.


You may not sell or re-license the images to a third party. This includes selling or licensing images as photo stock for profit which would be a violation of the copyright agreement. See our License Terms.

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