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360 Degree Images

We follow the latest trends in photography and marketing - all to surprise our customers and offer them unique solutions. This is why we are currently making very fashionable, 360-degree product photos, called otherwise 360-degree rotating photos. They are an inseparable element of product photography. It is a very attractive and modern form of presenting all kinds of articles. 360° degree images allow a potential customer to view a product from all sides - as if they were doing it in reality.

Why is it worth investing in a 360 product presentation?

Taking 360° photos eliminates the need to place many individual photos on the website and at the same time makes viewing the product more enjoyable. 360-degree product photos are not only about not having to click multiple times, but also a way to better imagine what the product will look like in reality.

In addition, 360 presentations are particularly useful in a situation where the front and back of the product are significantly different from each other, and to show a given product it would be necessary to take a number of photos from different sides.

fotografia 360 gif
Presentation in GIF format

Presentation in MP4 format

How 360° photos are made

360° presentations are made on a special turntable that moves at a constant speed. The camera takes a series of photos with a given frequency. The more photos taken per full revolution of the product, the smoother the movement will be in the end result.

After editing the photos in post-production process, the final presentation is made. We usually prepare it in GIF format (example at the top), which can be placed anywhere on the page, just like a regular picture.

We also offer a popular MP4 format file that can be played just like a movie.

Interactive presentations

Interactive solutions are also very popular, giving the user the ability to freely rotate, move or scale the displayed presentation.

They require the placement of additional plugins or code on the website. Contact us for more information on this type of solution.

your 360 images

Interactive presentation

Bring modernity to the presentation of your company's offer - choose unique 360 product photos that we will be happy to take for you! We invite clients from Warsaw, the surrounding regions and other places in all over Poland and beyond to cooperate with us.

You can find more sample 360 photos in our portfolio.

Contact us for an offer for a photo session of your products!

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