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Props photos are one of the types of product photos. Their goal is to present the articles in a way that emphasizes their nature, purpose or the natural environment in which they are used. Arranged product photography includes stylized shots - they are usually prepared with the use of props, attractive-looking accessories, appropriately selected background and lighting.

These types of product sessions equire the photographer to be very creative and devote much more time to their execution. As a result, however, photos are obtained that are more appealing to the potential customer and much more interesting than their usual packshot on a neutral background.

Are you looking for a photographer who will prepare for you unique product photos in an interesting arrangement ? The price list is individually adjusted to the scope of the order, guaranteeing a combination of attractive prices with a professional approach to the implementation of the order. We operate not only in Warsaw, but also throughout Poland and beyond.

You can find more examples of arranged photos in our portfolio.

Contact us for an offer for a unique photo session of your products!

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