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Professional photography post-production

Advanced processing of photos

In the process of creating high-quality photographs, a very important element is their retouching at the highest level . There is often a misconception that retouching photos is not as important as taking them. However, there are always elements of photography that will require professional retoucher skills.

We take care to maintain the maximum quality of photos using advanced retouching methods. Improper photo processing, such as blurring the surface of the product or the skin, improper enhancement of contrast causing color spoilage, or the use of inappropriate tools to remove blemishes, significantly reduce the quality of the image. We know how to avoid it!

  • Background cleaning or removal
  • Change the background color
  • Removal of scratches, dust and dirt
  • Removal of imperfections
  • Removing unwanted reflections
  • Moving or removing elements
  • Changing the color of products (coloring)
  • Adding a shadow or a reflection
  • Composing multiple photos for high depth of field (focus stacking)
  • Composing multiple photos for proper lighting
  • Composing multiple photos to prepare a 360-degree presentation
  • Cropping, sharpening
Product photography
Zdjęcia na manekinie duch
  • Cutting out the background
  • Combining multiple photos for a ghost effect
  • Crease removal
  • Correcting the shape of clothing
  • Changing the color of elements (colorization)
  • Adding a shadow or a reflection
  • Cropping, sharpening
  • Correction of colors, contrasts, brightness, white balance
  • Correction of lens defects, perspective correction
  • Removal of unnecessary items
  • Composing multiple photos in order to obtain the proper tonal range of photos
  • Combining multiple photos to prepare panoramic photos
  • Create virtual tours of the many panoramic images
  • Adding the sky
  • Adding lighting effects
fotografia wnętrz
young woman, portrait, person-2035074.jpg

Retouching in fashion and beauty photography

  • Cleaning, changing the color or removing the background
  • Cleaning skin imperfections
  • Correcting tonal transitions (dodge & burn)
  • Unify the skin color on different parts of the body
  • Correcting hairstyle, removing individual hairs
  • Correcting the shape of a model
  • Improving the shape of the wardrobe
  • Changing the color of clothes
  • Contrast improving
  • Koloryzacja zdjęcia
  • Cropping, sharpening

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