How it works

Process description

The entire customer service process is described in a few steps. Click one of the buttons below to go to the description of the specific stage of the process. See how easy it is!

1. order

2. shipment

3. shooting

4. approval

5. payment

6. downloading

7. closing

8. return

Place an Order

Send us an e-mail or call us to discuss your project. We need some information to prepare the offer:
  • what and how should we shoot?
  • how many photos should we deliver?
  • are there any specific requirements for photos?
  • what kind of post-production do you expect (the background removed, shadow or reflection added, product imperfections removed, etc.)?
  • How will the products from the studio be delivered and picked up?
We recommend our clients to send us instructions or sample photos to indicate how we should photograph the product. You can attach photos from your mobile phone or found on the internet (you can point to links to selected photos, take screenshots, etc.). Specify the number of photos, and if you have any special requirements - write to us about them. We will send you an offer before starting the project. If it will meet your expectations, accept it by email.

Ship Your Products

The submitted offer will contain shipping instructions. If you want us to send a courier who will pick up the products from you and then return them to you, please inform us when ordering. Put the order (offer) number on the label, it will help us identify the shipment.


If you are a customer from Warsaw or the surrounding area, we can, by prior arrangement, collect products from you to photograph with your own transport.

Photo Session

After receiving your products we will prepare them properly - we will thoroughly clean from dust, iron (if necessary), we will remove delicate dirt. Then your products will be photographed and edited in accordance with the instructions in the order.

Review & Approve

After taking photos and pre-editing, we will provide you with samples (low resolution photos with a watermark) for review and approval or comments.

For a project consisting of a whole series of photos, we reserve the right to provide one of several photos for approval before we complete the rest of the project. We want to be sure that the photos were taken in line with the customer's expectations. I am asking for timely reply, any free responses will delay the project.

See a sample photo here.

Submit Payment

After taking and editing the final photos, we will send you an invoice. You can settle it by a bank transfer or use the quick online payments available by clicking the button in the invoice.

Download files

After receiving the payment, we will provide you with full resolution photos (on Dropbox servers) immediately. You can download photos to your computer or share with a designer, programmer or anyone else who needs access to your photos.


After sharing your photos on the server, you'll have 3 business days to report any problems or complaints related to shared photos. If no objection is raised within this time, the project is considered completed and the contract will be closed.

Products return

Products will be sent back as previously agreed. If you want to change the way of returning products, please let us know.

More detailed information can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. You can also call us or write to us!

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