Where can you use 360-degree spherical photos?

Photography is a field that is developing very dynamically and introduces new and interesting solutions to the market. Recently, 360-degree photos (spherical panoramas) have revolutionised social networks and the marketing market. But what actually distinguishes them from others? Let's start with the fact that they should not be confused with VR (virtual reality), which is a virtual reality that introduces people to an alternative world. Unlike VR, 360-degree photos do not require specialized equipment to recreate them, they can be viewed on the screen of an ordinary computer or smartphone. Spherical photos allow the viewer to move within the photo using the cursor or any other controller, giving the feeling of being inside.

What's the difference between a 360-degree photo and a panoramic photo?

A 360-degree photo and a panorama have a certain element in common. This first type offers more real feelings, because the frame is not limited. The spherical photo can be taken with special equipment or by combining individual photos into one. Traditional panorama allows you to widen the field of view, but shows only a part of the horizon. In this case, it is impossible to move around the photo and set the perspective yourself.

360 degree spherical photos - where are they used?

Ever since 360 spherical photos became popular, they were immediately used by the marketing market. They are especially used in the promotion of real estate, because they reflect the reality of the rooms most realistically, allowing you to see them from different perspectives. That is why they are very often used in real estate photography. Spherical panoramas are also used to explore various types of areas - landscape parks and botanical gardens. They are also eagerly used by owners of service premises, e.g. hotels, restaurants and amusement parks. Thanks to 360-degree photos, you can feel the atmosphere in a given place, which is why they are such a popular form of advertising.

Recently, Facebook has made it possible to place these types of photos on the platform, which further broadened the marketing scope of companies advertising real estate or their service premises in this way. This guaranteed completely new opportunities and opened the gate to a wider audience.  

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