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Owalna 35

05-420 Józefów

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There is no need to bother you - contact us and after agreeing on the details, send us your products. After shooting them, we will provide you with samples for approval. As soon as you accept the photos and pay the amounts due, we will give you an access for downloading images from the dropbox server. Isn't that easy?

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We photograph almost everything


We have experience in photographing both very small and large objects; white, black and colorful, transparent and shiny; exclusive and industrial.


Individual approach to each product


We do not use light-tents or ready to use light sets. We use specialized backgrounds and light modifiers. Each product requires custom lighting, because each product is different!


Professional photo equipment and software


We use professional photographic and studio equipment as well as the latest photo editing software. We regularly calibrate the devices on which we work so that they faithfully reflect the colors of the photographed objects.


No minimum orders


We work with both large customers who order several hundred photos and small ones who want to photograph only one product. Every customer is important to us!


Pictures without compromise


All photos * we provide in high resolution, professionally processed, world wide royalty free, with usage forever license.


* Does not apply to photos with models that require an additional license.

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About us

Product photography is the main area of ​​our studio's activities. Each packshot we make is extremely carefully refined - it faithfully reflects all the positive features of the product. We take care of every detail of the composition so that it fulfills its marketing task as well as possible. In our work we use modern methods and constantly look for new solutions. We believe that packshots should capture the attention of a potential customer in the shortest possible time, so we try to make them as attractive as possible. In advertising photos, the use of interesting visualization effects such as ghost effect, the play of light and shadow or 3D and 360 degrees technology seems to be an exam, which is why we gladly use this type of treatment. If you want photos of your products to be creative, attract many customers and generate more profits for your company, be sure to choose us as a contractor. You don't have to be from around Warsaw to become our customer. we have clients from all over Poland and from abroad. Just send us your products!

Nowadays, many customers choose shopping in online stores instead of stationary ones. Undoubtedly, it is a convenient way of shopping, which gives you the opportunity to quickly compare goods and prices and allows you to save a lot of time that would be unnecessarily spent on driving around the city, standing in traffic jams and standing in queues. The downside of this form of shopping, however, is the inability to see the goods live, touch them, feel the texture of the material. Therefore, items sold online should be presented as attractive as possible so that the customer decides to buy them seeing only their photos and description of parameters. Pictures should be of the best quality and reflect the character of the product being sold as faithfully as possible.

creative photography

Product and Advertising photography - photographic.pl

Dear Customers,


in these difficult times we try to work normally, providing the highest level of service.


The current situation forces us all to reorganize our private and professional lives. Many companies suspend or liquidate their activities. Some are forced to rearrange or change the business model, some migrate towards e-commerce.


To meet the expectations of our customers, we try to carry out all orders in express or super express mode. We do not charge any additional remuneration. We know how important the fight for the survival of our companies is now.


We strive to provide the highest standards of safety and hygiene to both our clients and employees. For the sake of common security, we recommend sending orders via courier, from whom we collect the package without physical contact. Your products, after shooting, will be send back.


If you have any questions, please contact us (via e-mail or phone :)).


Stay healthy!


Best regards,




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